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Älvsborgs castle

Älvsborg fortress, with its main facility Oscar II’s fast, is a now closed Swedish fortress located in Älvsborgs church in Gothenburg, at Göta estuary.The decision to build Oscar II’s fast in West Hill, near Käringberget in Gothenburg was 1899, and began with the Oscar II, fired the first shot exploded Aug. 24, 1899. The plant was considered to be combat operational in 1907, when it also became operational. The name Älvsborg fort was given to the fortifications April 27, 1904. The fort was taken completely out of use in the 1970s.
The fort is blasted into the bedrock and surrounded by a fast grave with two kontereskarpgallerier. Armament consisted of two 24 cm gun M/04 in self-lowering lavettage, two 15.2 cm cannon M/03B in armored towers, four 57 mm cannons, armored cupola and a number kaponjärkanoner. In 1940 moved 24 cm guns at Battery Torslanda Hisingen and 15 cm pieces were moved out to Styrsö in the archipelago. The heavier pieces have been moved back and set in their original locations. Guns with 24-centimeter caliber stood in open wells of self-lowering carriages, that is, the play “looked up” over the edge when it fired and when the shot had been dropped down over the edge, where it was loaded. The population of Långedrag had open windows to avoid the boxes would break when shot.
Defense facility consisted not only of Oscar Il’s fast. From the beginning, there was also a small battery on the Stockholm Cut under a mountain of protection, but also mines, for example, from the fort to the New Älvsborg.There were indentations or “stone walls” as between Stockholm Cut and Aspholmama. Outside the fort is fast port and the Gothic battery. These have no connection with the fort, but had as its primary task to protect the mines and the main facility on the mountain.
The National Property Board administers the fort and there are plans to restore it in such condition that it can be shown to the public.
Although New Elfsborg Fortress (that was founded in 1650) at Cemetery island in the river mouth is called in the vernacular often Älvsborg fort.

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