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Eketorp ancient castle


Eketorp castle is an ancient castle from the Iron Age, located on the alvar inGrass Farm parish in south-eastern Öland. The castle was expandedconsiderably during the Middle Ages and has over time had varying features, from former defensive ring to the medieval fortress sanctuary, and later time for a cavalry garrison. During the 1900s, were reconstructed Eketorp and became a popular tourist destination. The place has been used to demonstrate mediaeval crafts and techniques and has also been used to”reconstruct” the medieval kind. Eketorp is the only one of 19 knownprehistoric fortification on Öland which has been completely excavated. Onlyat Eketorp they found 24,000 items of various kinds.

Eketorp built by the original iron-age population around the year 400 ADduring a period when the Öland population had close ties with the Roman Empire and other European civilizations. It is believed that the ring fortressesat this time was a religious gathering place where you performed theceremonies, and that it served as a haven for locals when enemies invaded.The choice of a round shape probably because the castle is situated on flat land and that the attack could be expected from any direction. The circumference of the first barricades were about 57 meters. On the 500’sextended circle about 80 feet in diameter. [2] At this time they have found fiftycells, or small structures within the fort. Some lay in the middle of the castle and the other was embedded in the walls. Around the late 600’s abandonedcastle without a reasonable explanation has been given. The castleremained unused until the early 1000s, when it was rebuilt. The old structurewas used, with exception to some of the internal structures that were previously in the stone was replaced with timber structures. In addition,erected a second defensive wall.

Eketorp design is usually divided into three phases:

* Eketorp I (300-400 AD)
* Eketorp II (400-700 AD)
* Eketorp III (1000-1300 AD).

Contact Information
Eketorps borg
380 65 Degerhamn
0485-66 20 00
Own car, after Öland Bridge take route 136 towards Ottenby. Drive 45 km to Green Mound, turn left towards Eketorp castle. Run 3-4 miles, turn left into the parking lot. Public transport Kalmar - Eketorp During the summer there are buses to the entrance at Eketorp castle from Kalmar. During other times as the bus stops in Eketorp, located about 500 meters from the entrance. Bus connections Kalmar County Traffic AB, 0491-76 12 00. Website: http://www.klt.se Click on the link and fill in the travel from and travel to (eg from Kalmar to Eketorp) and click on the search journey. There you will get all the information you need. Nearest train: Kalmar Central and the nearest airport: Kalmar.
Today the castle is open for tourists and a museum inside the castle displays some of the many objects that were found in the large excavation 1974th Visitors are received by guides in medieval clothing who plays artisans and merchants. There will also be constructing smaller kind, battles and other medieval events.
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