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Form Design Center

Photographer: Wikimedia Commons, Jorchr

Form/Design Center is a meeting place for ideas in design and architecture. Here you will find a showcase of the very best contemporary Swedish and Scandinavian design. Every year we put on over twenty exhibitions including industrial design, crafts, furniture and textile design, architecture and urban planning, fashion, graphic design and illustration. Form/Design Center also has a progamme of lectures and seminars and is an arena for the exchange of ideas between designers, the public, academic research and trade and industry.

In our café you will find a large selection of Swedish and International design and architecture periodicals as well as teas, coffee and delicious cakes. In our shop you can buy the best of modern Scandinavian design.

Form/Design Center started in 1964 and is run by Svensk Form (the Swedish Association of Crafts and Design). Svensk Form was established in 1845 and is the world’s oldest such association.

Form/Design Center is situated in the heart of Malmö by Lilla Torg. The granary, in which Form/Design Center now stands, was erected in 1850 by local merchant Gabriel Hedman after whom the adjacent 16th century courtyard ‘Hedmanska Gården’ is named.

Form/Design Center’s goal is to engage and educate about design and show its importance in our surroundings and our everyday life. Design matters to everyone.

Come along and see how it matters to you!

Form Design Center
Contact Information
Lilla Torg 9
203 14 Malmö
Malmö stad
Gallery, Handicraft, Shopping & Entertainment
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