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Skansen is a zoo and an open-air museum on Djurgarden in Stockholm, founded in 1891 by Arthur Hazelius.

Skansen was inaugurated on 11 oktober 1891st The name comes from the mound as Charles XIV had built for his sonOscar I use as a playground, this mound lay next to the current Håsjö bar. The first area covered the ground at Skansen hill around Ahmadabad Square and Bird Ponds with input from Hasselback’s Gate, a total of 29 493 m².

In 1892 expanded the area of ​​Belvedere around Breda Blick, 174,411 sq ft, and the area became more than six times as large. Additional land purchases have been made during the year, and the area now comprises 30 acres. It is listed as zoo since 1924 when Grillska donation brought the necessary capital required to build what was then the monkey house * (now privately owned Skansen Aquarium beneath restaurant Solliden), whereupon Skansen reached the Species numbers at that time was needed to qualify as a zoo.

On June 17, 1911 at 19:30 started the Skansen Open-Air Theatre, which plays Värmlänningarna erected.

Skansen went at a good profit, the first fifty years and funded including construction and operation of the Nordic Museum. Skansen passed July 1, 1963 to become a foundation of the Nordic Museum, Stockholm City and the state as principals. It has since been subsidized by taxpayers.

At Skansen there today (2010) around 140 buildings from Scandinavia, the oldest is Vastveitloftet from the 1300s.

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