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Stenshuvud’s National Park


The legendary mount of Stenshuvud rises to a height of 97 meters above the sea. The view from its crest is magnificent. To the south, broad heaths and dry meadows bursting with flowers stretch across the level sandflats. Where they meet the sea, the sandflats open into an inviting bathing beach.

The coastline to the east is more dramatic, with sharply gouged cliffs and fields of stone rubble; beyond, the blue sea with its open horizon. On clear days, the Danish island of Bornholm can be spotted to the south. During summer, the view inland is over the compact roof of a broadleaf forest.

Stenshuvud is a place of many geological contrasts, and its array of plant and animal species is among the most diverse in the Swedish national park system. Ancient monuments and other interesting historical remains are to be found here, as well.

Stenshuvud National Park was founded in 1986. The park was established in order to preserve a large natural area of special geological and biological significance, which also provides a valuable setting for outdoor recreation.

Stenshuvud is near Kivik in south-east Skåne. The main entrance can be reached by car from Södra Mellby. The northern entrance is at Hällevik. A visitor centre at the main entrance informs about the area´s human and natural history. Trails lead through the park and to the summit of Stenshuvud. Close to the main entrance there’s a café – Kafé Annorlunda.

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